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Living in Boise, Idaho

With a population of more than 205,671, metro area estimated 635,450, Boise is the Capitol and largest city in the State of Idaho, population estimate 1,466,465. Our major industries are professional & business services, government, high tech industries, educational & health services, leisure & hospitality, construction and financial activities. For recreation, we have skiing, golfing, waterskiing and boating, fishing, mountain biking, camping, and whitewater rafting all within the Boise area. And of course, we have our cluster of four dog shows in mid-October. Our climate here in the southwest part of the state is four season, usually dry with fairly low humidity, and warm, even hot, during the summer and fall. Our winters are usually mild, freezing with occasional snow, though it seems rare that any particular snowfall lasts more than a week or two within the city itself. Major airlines United, Delta, Horizon/Alaska, Southwest, Frontier, & US Airways fly in to our airport, elevation 2,842 feet.

Would you like to see what Boise, Idaho is like??
City of Boise
Boise Trolley Tours
Boise State University
City of Boise & Visitor's Bureau
Basque Museum and Cultural Festival
World Center for Birds of Prey
Boise Chamber of Commerce
Idaho Shakespeare Festival
Idaho Statesman Newspaper
Boise Weekly ('alternative')


Min Schnauzer friends you might visit
Mack & Patty at Legacy
Bev at Regency
Kurt at Repititon
John at Adamis
Tom & Santos at Sterling
Vicki at Empire
Linda at Attaway
Carla at NickNack
Amy at Aragon
Miguel at Miguelos
Chris at Abiqua
Karen at Britmor
Kate at Minuteman
Hilde at Axcium


 Miniature Schnauzer Clubs
AMSC list of regional clubs
Portland M. S. Club (OR)
Cactus State M. S. Club (AZ)
M. S. Club of S California
Centennial State M. S. Club (CO)
American Kennel Club
M. S. Club of Canada


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